WebView Features


DataHub WebView

Web Based HMI
DataHub® WebView™ is a state-of-the-art, rich internet application for delivering real-time data displays in a standard web browser.

If you already have a SCADA system in place then DataHub WebView is the perfect addition, allowing you to see desktop quality graphics and real-time updates of your process data in a web browser from anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for a leading edge HMI to monitor your process, but you're not ready to make the significant investment in a large and complex SCADA system, then DataHub WebView can easily meet your needs by delivering a self-contained system that includes real-time data delivery, web server and browser-based screen development, all in one easy to install application.

No limit on data and client connections
When you also consider DataHub WebView comes with UNLIMITED_CONNECTIONS for one low price then you’ll start to see how new technology is delivering on the promise of a powerful yet affordable real-time web HMI that can be used by anyone.

DataHub WebView Benefits
Save Money
  • Unlimited data and web client connections for one low price.
  • Avoid buying large, costly SCADA systems.
  • Eliminate dedicated development platforms.
Save Time
  • Build working screens in just a few minutes.
  • Choose from thousands of included symbols.
  • Edit pages easily with point and click simplicity.
  • Deploy screen updates instantly - just save your changes and it's ready to go.
Make things easier
  • Design and edit web pages from anywhere in the world.
  • No Java plug-ins, no ActiveX objects.
  • Collaborate on page design with other networked users.
  • Full control over access to live process data.
Expand your possibilities
  • Add your own corporate identity.
  • Customize symbols and add new controls.
  • Integrate OPC, DDE and custom data sources.
  • Connect to databases, spreadsheets, and web services.
  • Send emails and SMS notifications.

Why WebView is better than SCADA plus a web client add-on
Internet technology moves fast, but major SCADA vendors do not. All of the major SCADA vendors on the market today who offer any kind of web client are using technologies from the early days of the Internet, such as ActiveX, Java and ASP. DataHub WebView uses the very latest Microsoft Silverlight technology, which gets you blazing fast screen updates, beautiful graphics, and the highest security standards available in a browser today.

No vendor lock-in. You can add DataHub WebView to any PLC, DCS or SCADA system regardless of who makes it. OPC connectivity means you can collect data from all of your different plant systems.

It is easy to brand your login page with your company identity, no special tools needed. And you can also add your own symbols and controls so you can see your data on the web exactly how you want to.

Why WebView is better than other Web HMI products
All other products on the market make you pay for the number of data points or web client connections you have in your system (usually both). DataHub WebView breaks from this model by offering you UNLIMITED_CLIENTS.

DataHub WebView uses Microsoft Silverlight technology, not just for displaying the web pages, but also for the browser-based editing interface. Other Web HMI products rely on Java and ActiveX plug-ins, which are older and declining web technologies.

A web HMI is only as good as the underlying data management platform. DataHub WebView is driven by the class-leading COGENT_DATAHUB, which has more than 15 years of development behind it and is used by CUSTOMERS.

DataHub WebView makes it easy for your to customize the interface with your own company branding. It is very easy to use, with a simple installation process that will have you logged in and building web pages in minutes.

Standard features
  • WEBVIEW_APP - for building and displaying leading edge web displays with unlimited data and client connections.
  • WEB_SERVER - built-in fully secure web server to serve your WebView pages.
  • HISTORIAN - this fully integrated high-speed historian provides past histories for trend displays.
  • OPC_DA_SUPPORT - easy, reliable OPC connections to your process data.
  • API_SUPPORT support - need to get data from legacy systems, the DataHub API helps you customize your data collection.
  • SILVERLIGHT - provides security protection for the DataHub WebView client program that runs in your web browser.
  • TUNNEL_MIRROR support - provides data access from the WebView client in the browser and the DataHub back-end. Also allows you to connect to other DataHubs over a network connection to collect data from remote locations.
  • QUICKTREND - a real-time trend application that ships with the Cogent DataHub.
  • AGGREGATION - data from multiple sources can be easily aggregated into a common data set and made available to any DataHub client program, such as WebView, QuickTrend or the Historian.
  • SCRIPTING - make the Cogent DataHub do exactly what you want using this powerful scripting language.
  • SECURITY - full permissions based security allows you to restrict access and define both authentication and authorization policies.

Popular add-on features
  • DDE_SUPPORT - read and write access to DDE servers and clients. Easy drag and drop into Excel and simple high-speed updates our of Excel.
  • BRIDGING - the easy way to associate data from one system with data from another. Bridge the gap between servers that don't normally talk to each other.
  • DBASE_READ and DBASE_WRITE - simple configuration interfaces lets you read data from and write data to a database.
  • EMAIL_SMS - receive an email or SMS message when certain conditions within your system are met. Embed current values into your messages so you stay well informed and can make better decisions.