DDE/Excel Support
Drag and drop real-time data into Excel
The Cogent DataHub lets you drag and drop data into your spreadsheet to instantly see live updates. Save the spreadsheet and the next time you open it, all the data is refreshed and you have reports with up to the moment accuracy. The Cogent DataHub also makes it easy for your to pull data back out of Excel and use it as input to your control systems, or as analysis results you can share with a colleague.

You can also read more about how our customers are using the DataHub to NETWORK_XL_DATA.

Video: Sharing Excel data over a network.
Video: Working with Microsoft Excel.

DDE support
  • Cogent DataHub can make DDE Advise connections to DDE servers. DDE Advise is an asynchronous mechanism by which the server sends data to the DataHub whenever it changes.
  • By default, the Cogent DataHub will act as a DDE server itself, accepting DDE Advise connection requests from other DDE programs.
  • When you drag and drop data from the DataHub into an Excel spreadsheet, you automatically configure Excel to establish a DDE Advise connection with the DataHub.